Soup of the day 4.45 gf

Corned beef hash 5.45

Olives, hummus and bread 4.95 v

Chicken wings 4.45

Pulled beef 4.45

Lamb chops 5.95

Platter for two 10.95

+5.95 for each additional person


Hand-crafted on site. All burgers are served with skinny fries and SA-HA relish.

Classic cheese 8.95

Cajun chicken 8.95

Four bean 7.95 v

Philly cheesesteak with garlic mayo 10.95

Toppings (+1.45 each)

Portobello mushroom


Turkey rashers

Hash browns


Skinny fries 2.45 v

Curly fries 2.95 v

Skin on sweet potato chips 3.95 v

Sautéed new potatoes 3.45 v gf

Creamy mash 3.95 v gf

Onion rings 2.45 v

Seasonal buttered greens 3.95 v

SA-HA slaw 3.45 v


Greek salad 3.95 8.95

Pesto farfalle with roasted pine nuts 4.95 9.9


Chicken lollipops 6.95

Fish fingers 6.95

Juniors’ mini classic 6.95

Mini black-eyed bean burger 6.95 v

All junior meals include drink, salad and fries.


All steaks are prime cuts of meat matured for up to 2 months here in Yorkshire. Served with a choice of side and a sauce.

1. Choose your steak…

Sirloin 14.95 (10-12oz)

Rump 13.95 (10-12oz)

Fillet 19.95 (8oz)

T-bone 16.95 (14-18oz)

Rib eye 15.95 (10-12oz)

Steak platter 74.95

A steak each: 10oz sirloin, 4oz fillet, 10oz rump, 10oz rib eye, 14oz T-bone and a choice of 4 sides and 4 sauces.

Spice up your steak with SA-HA marinade for £1.00.

2. Select a sauce…

Green peppercorn


Blue cheese

Garlic & herb butter gf

Chili butter gf

Additional sauces 1.00

3. Add a side.

Choose any side or salad from our choice of sides (above).



Berry bellini 5.95

Berry bellini 5.95

Classic mojito 5.45

Fruit mojito 5.95

Piña colada 5.45

Strawberry lemonade 5.45

Blueberry cooler 5.95


Non-alcoholic Barbican 3.45

Coke, Diet Coke 2.45

San Pellegrino lemon & orange 2.95


Apple, orange, cranberry 1.95

Pomegranate, pineapple 2.45


Strawberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate 4.95

Shake of the week 5.95


Cornflake tart 4.45

Served with custard.

Seasonal crumble 4.45

Served with vanilla ice cream or custard.

Coffee cake 4.45

Served with a shot of coffee.

Chocolate brownie 4.45

Served with vanilla ice cream.

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